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zero waste events

Interested in making your events sustainable but don't know how?

Want your event to be memorable for the good reasons? We can help you with that


A Zero Waste Event is one where careful consideration is given to the products used on-site and where these end up post-event. Planning in this manner may result in items being recycled, composted, or avoided altogether.

We facilitate you to design an event that generates less waste, and/or the right kind of waste for reuse. It also involves educating patrons and raising environmental awareness about waste production and disposal.

We provide customize environmental solutions for corporate/private events such as

zero waste conferences/parties/weddings,

and facilitate “zero waste events” that both cut your cost and carbon emission.

We organised a conference for 570 people
INSPIRATION - A 'Berry Eco' Wedding Shoo
Overtreders W creates zero waste barn an
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