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Tired of doing the same old team-building activities?

Looking for new, engaging, fun, purpose-driven team-building activities  

Try our Eco-Building Activities.


Everything is connected. Zero Waste Chengdu team building activities are not only environmentally-focused but also mindfulness focused. For us the fun element is crucial

Our main objectives are to:

Raise awareness and stimulate thoughts on environmental and social issues;

Encourage habitual strategic thinking;

Build teamwork skills and problem-solving capacities;

Enhance corporate image;

Motivate change.

We will give your team the latest information on:

global warming, domestic environmental governance status, sustainable food choices, environment and health, zero waste, conscious consumption, environmental protection 6R principles, and how to apply creative environmental ideas to the office and daily life.

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Most popular activities:


Sustainability themed board games;

Eco Challenges

Mindfulness sessions

Sustainable business training. 

DIY Upcycling Workshops

Green Tours

How to Live More Sustainably Starting To
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At Zero Waste Chengdu we use the power of mindfulness to make your employees into more conscious consumers. We do this through guided meditations, wellness talks, sustainability workshops. Your employees will come out of our programs feeling empowered to make better decisions and will feel better about themselves as a result. 



“Tying in with hands-on experience and team-bonding activities, we could see how easy and fun going greener could be” 

Mingming from China Gravy 


These activities can be, indoors or outdoors, short ( 2 hours) or long (full day), and completely customizable to your needs.

Get in touch with us to book your team-building activity now!

WeChat id: tel18349382637   

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