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You might not know your business can grow by going greener.


This project is provided to Schools/Institutions/Enterprises

with the goals of saving resources and reducing expenditure; at least 90% of the waste generated

by organizations will no longer enter landfills/incineration.

"TRUE Zero Waste" certification improves the enterprise’s CSR, makes employees happier by acquiring a new sense of purpose, and at last but not least it reduces costs.


The project process is guided by "TRUE Zero Waste" Advisors,

and this SERVICE includes:

Assessment (data collection/baseline report) ;

Note: Data comes from all streams of waste, including purchase (item, quantity,

price, purchasing cycle, etc.); warehousing (item, quantity); weight/volume of various

types of discarded materials in various places;

Analysis Report;

Goal Setting and Implementation Plan;

Relevant Personnel Training and Guidance;

Project Execution and Record-tracking;

Project Results Report;

"Zero Waste" Certification;

Continuous Technical Support.

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TRUE helps turn waste into savings.

The TRUE certification program is used by facilities to define, pursue, and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint, and supporting public health. The certification goes beyond diversion numbers and focuses on the upstream policies and practices that make zero waste successful in any organization and beyond.

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