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Marketing Campaign

Make sustainability your selling point and appeal to the Millenials.


We customize marketing campaigns for companies in service of the three P’s--People, Planet, and Profit. We would only work with businesses that share the same values.


We intent:

To promote businesses which we believe in;


To give access to conscious consumers sustainable brands;

To increase direct sales of sustainable brands by having exposure to people with the same values who are more likely to purchase their products/services.


1. Feedback: we would try your product/service and give you constructive and

honest feedback of what we like and what we think can be improved (if


2. Articles: we write and post in our channels customized articles according to the

companies’ needs (latest product/overall products/feedback articles, etc.);

3. Social Media Exposure (Weibo, WeChat, Xaohongshu, etc.);

4. Videos: Customized video campaigns;

5. Branding Ambassador.

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