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humus(composting) project

Turn your organic waste into black gold.

Easily Recycling Food Waste At The 14th

This service is provided for

any kind of communities (schools/corporations/residential compounds) with the

GOALS to reduce food waste only, making existing food waste

a part of the recycling ecosystem, and convert it into humus/green fertilizer to nourish

gardens/farms/plants. People will be encouraged to participate in the whole process of execution, and benefit from the hands-on practice.

Carry on Composting _ Welcome to Carry O

This project includes the following SERVICES:

Food Waste Audit 

(data collection in canteen/classroom/office area);

Food Waste Reduction Goal-setting;

The Overall Scheme of Community Composting

(Methods include Bokashi/Vermicomposting/Tumbler/Community Compost Site);

Relevant Personnel Training and Work Instruction;

Implementation and Tracking;

Periodical Evaluation and Report;

Return Visit and Technical Support.

We Asked an Urban Gardener How to Compos
Field Trip Friday Sunshine Community Com
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